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Future-proof your website.

  • 3 years is the average lifespan of a website. Not with us.

  • Once your site is with us you never have to fear technology leaving your site behind.

  • We upgrade your site and CMS as and when new developments are made.

  • Many of these are FREE of charge

  • We stay ahead of the curve meaning your site does the same.

Safe and secure e-commerce websites

  • Our CMS is in the Cloud based on a Software as a Service model.

  • Workload spikes are all shared across our servers meaning your site stays running whatever the weather.

  • Daily backups means your content is always safe.

  • Secure code base, hardened against hackers - important on e-commerce jobs.

  • Your website is already built! we just need to design it and plug it in.
    Dev. time reduced by 50%

Our websites are social

  • Integrate your the latest social media sites into your site.

  • Start Twitter conversations with your customers from your website.

  • Let customers spread the word via Facebook comments, likes and Pinterest.

  • New social trends? Your site will stay with the latest and greatest.

  • Its a social world out there, dont let your site be a hermit.

Google friendly website design london

  • Our sites are built on the SEO friendly VOITcms platform loved by Google.

  • Semantic HTML and H tags on every page for everyone.

  • You control bespoke Meta Data like the all important Meta Page Titles and Meta Descriptions.

  • SEO-friendly URLS so Google can see clearer.

Website design in london is that easy!

  • Every customer who's used our platform has been amazed at how much easier it is to use than their old cms (like Joomla and Drupal).

  • Our CMS is truly easy, built from the ground up with the end user in mind, not developers.

  • On-page editing, drag and drop widget layouts, popup toolkit for easy edit and view, automatic image re-sizing for every image upload...

  • We can get you controlling every aspect of your site within 3 hrs.



SEO is crucial in your web presence/business, whether you are an SME or a Global Corporate. We have worked with our customers on many SEO projects to give them the best possible chance of succeeding in the online market place.

The SEO business is vast and the knowledge base is even bigger, making it quite a venture to even begin to understand the finer points.

We are here to give you clarity and try and give you the latest trends and information available. The dirty little secret of the SEO industry is that the art of optimisation is constantly changing, because it is controlled by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft). They don't want you to find the sure-fire way to gain first page rankings because they want your content and relevance to do that for you. We make sure that content and relevance is world class, and we always stay up-to-date on the latest developments and techniques.

SEO and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We find that along with traditional SEO, SMM is fast becoming a crucial part of your website marketing. We integrate SMM into our SEO program allowing you to track Twitter mentions on the entire web, sentiment values what your customers saying about you and more importantly are they happy.

We are able to offer the following SEO services.

  • Full website audit.
  • On-page optimisation only
  • Monthly SEO program including on page and off page optimisation
  • Link building